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Our Services

TSI is equiped and prepared to offer the following services for you:


TSI provides complete licensed custom house brokerage services. Our staff professionals are experienced and knowledgeable in the receipt and clearance of even the most complex import shipments, including:

  • Formal and Informal Entried
  • In Bond Entries
  • Liquor Entries
  • Household and Personal Effects Entries
  • Automobile Entries
  • Quota Merchandise
  • Drawback
  • Carnets
  • Single Entry Bonds and Term Bonds

TSI capabilities extend to:

obtaining advance custom clearences to expedite release of shipments on their arrival.

an ability to obtain clearances at virtually any port in the US through our affiliated national network of agents.

on-line access to the Automated Broker Interface (ABI) with US Customs in Washington for all duty-paid shipments.

expert and rapid unloading of containers.

In addition, we have immediate availablity to in-house computer data, which allows us to readily trace any shipment and provide up-dated location and arrival information instantly.

On arrival and after clearance, TSI can provide comlete trucking services (either full container or LTL) through our own modern fleet, as well as through our domestic 48-state carrier contracts, insuring our clients the most competitive rates and the highest quality on-time service possible.